Outside of France, in Europe and beyond, we find the best of the best in delicatessen food and bring it to you We have selected these products because they simply should not be missed; from oriental spices to Milanese panettone, from colored rice to the olives of Andalusia, a veritable smorgasbord awaits.


Belgian artisan producers know how to get the most delicate of flavours into their chocolate and biscuits


Shortbreads prepared in the purest Scottish tradition

United Kingdom

British traditions come shining through in these legendary teas and marvellous marmalades


From the Piemonte to the Tuscan hills, we bring you all of Italy’s gastronomic treasures


Discover the best in Spanish cuisine from these succulent dishes

Flavors of the world

A whirlwind tour of the East to discover the richness of their spices and exotic types of pepper