« A benchmark in French delicatessen foods »
Flavors with bite…

M. de Turenne has a wide range of inspired gourmet products, each selected for its taste and quality. The brand covers all the main foodstuffs in their traditional and tasty recipes that uphold the values of France’s culinary culture. Inspired by Marguerite de Turenne, the last overlord of Bergerac and with an inheritance of culinary recipes dating from 13th century Périgord, these not-to-be-missed preserves, soups, and vegetables, not forgetting sauces and condiments, will bring your meals to life. The M. de Turenne brand draws its inspiration directly from its love for Périgord cuisine and adds a touch of excellence.

M. de Turenne has been able to bring together tasty dishes that are both traditional and inspired by the latest trends. All are prepared with the utmost respect for the ingredients, the men and women who work the land, and the consumers who enjoy them.

« A treat for the eyes and the tastebuds »
The best in the culinary arts

Atelier Turenne leads you on a discovery of tastes and flavors. The boldness of their recipes, the care put into marrying the ingredients and their ability to bring our flavor are all hallmarks of the “creative” and “experiential” Atelier Turenne! Because good things are hard to find, an Atelier Turenne touch is a subtle and targeted addition to the plate with its gourmet mustards, cheeses, traditional pepper, or other exceptional flavors. Atelier Turenne is always looking for the best flavors and does not stop at an ingredient’s intrinsic qualities. They look at everything around it and combine other ingredients or bring together dishes to round off and lift the flavor. Our teams undertake research to find the best quality recipes and ingredients and how to highlight them in new and original ways.

« Protecting authentic flavors and the tradition of producing locally »
The simple pleasure of traditional regional cuisine

When we think of brands that have made an impression on a region and the French culinary tradition, we naturally think of Lou Barsac. It is the benchmark for high-quality products from the South West, taking in the counties of Quercy, Périgord, Limousin, and Gascony. These regions are overflowing with heritage recipes, farm produce, free-range farms, and good cooks! Lou Bersac is the ultimate in good produce. From Limousin cul noir pork to duck confit from the Landes, not forgetting the Périgord’s foie gras and truffles, you only have to take a bite to understand that they hold the key to the best in traditional local foods. The brand also has a wide range of products that reflect the lively culinary tradition and art de vivre of the wider South West region. Lou Bersac is, above all, a coming together of artisan preserved food makers nestled in the villages around towns such as Bergerac, Cahors, Brive, and Mont-de-Marsan, which themselves evoke the countryside, tradition, and heritage food.

« The best fish and shellfish the seas and oceans have to offer »
When fishing goes hand in hand with a respect for nature…

O’Filet is above all about seeking out the tastiest and healthiest seafood. We advocate for the promotion of artisan know-how and the natural fishing tradition. Authentic flavors, sustainable fishing, and craftmanship are all values that we want to integrate at every stage of the development of our preserved fish. Meeting with small seafood preservers in the Basque Country, Brittany, and along the Mediterranean has led us to select the best of the best from the sea. We also use the highest standards of ingredients such as olive oil, the Espelette chili pepper, and lemon, to name but a few, to give oomph and flavor to our preserves. What the O’Filet range hopes to achieve is simply to bring the best recipes, drawn from the treasures of the seas and oceans to your plate.

« The simple pleasure of contented eating, in childhood and beyond » 
Enjoy your food as much as you did as a child…

When a child on a growth spurt discovers the variety of things they can eat, they often tell you what they enjoy and which things they like eating or drinking! This is why we have created products and a brand around what Mathias would say: a range of succulent sauces to accompany your pasta dishes and fruit juices and drinks that have been carefully pressed in Burgundy for those after-school snacks with friends. And just as kids keep growing and having adventures, we will keep on developing more products… for the child within!

« When Alsace is at the stove, the whole of France is spellbound »
a culinary tradition from one of our regions in all its glory

Alsace pasta is a part of the heritage and culinary tradition of this beautiful region. What makes this pasta special is above all the vital 7 eggs per kilo and the durum wheat, but it also lies in the right quantities of quality ingredients. Available in all its different shapes, this pasta has become a staple at our tables.